İstanbul Anatolian Side


Kadıköy, located on the Anatolian side of Istanbul is one of the districts. The old name of the Kadikoy district "chalcedonian religious to" dr. people can not give up on the Anatolian side of him, another good display, Kadikoy called you first come to mind is the huge and crowded pier. In addition, the meeting point for people who sculptor 'Izidor Bonhev is' by 1864, which is the symbol of power in Paris and the second in 1917 by Wilhelm Turkey to present the bull statue has become a symbol of Kadikoy.


In the Anatolian side of Istanbul is located in the western part of the peninsula, Uskudar District, east Umraniye, Kadikoy district on the south, west and northwest in the Istanbul Strait, the North also is adjacent to the Beykoz district. District covers an area of 35 km within these limits. West is the sea. Rural settlements without Uskudar district is made up of 52 neighborhoods. Separate province in 1918 and 1924 made Üsküdar, Istanbul province was connected to the district made during the administrative arrangements of 1926.


Kuzguncuk Uskudar is the first true-color neighborhood throat. The church is adjacent to the mosque in Kuzguncuk they live in good neighborly relations with people of different beliefs is as an expression of this tolerance. Kuzguncuk intellectuals settled here, the locals are trying to keep alive with culture, history, quite a few also succeed.
Kuzuncuk reaching a pale pink mansion seen. "Pink mansion" or "Match those mansions," called the 18th century. The structure is the end. The Strait is one of the best-preserved mansion.


Paşabahçe way back through the Çubuklu also left the seaside territory is separated by a road. Strait was emptied warehouses located in the most beautiful place and restored it to tourism.
You will see when entering the right to protect Beykoz Beykoz. Beykoz Ishak Aga Fountain Square in a beautiful building, but one of the more pleasant side of the square fountains rarely used today occurs in Istanbul.
Once swordfish even kept the original shield was famous Beykoz. One leg of the course. Beykoz soccer team was once famous for. Istanbul league "big three to" root was removed. Beykoz popular fish restaurants in one of the indispensable place for the connoisseur Kamil.
It was a village of Beykoz Istanbul Strait. Nowadays it has become Anatolian village.




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