Project Name
Completion Date
Land Size
155.000 m2
Project Detail
1038 Residential, 44 residential floors and 491 luxury apartments.
Social Activities
Sports fields, indoor parking, sauna, fitness center, steam bath, green areas, recreation areas, swimming pools, playgrounds, Cafe, there are walking paths.

Of Istanbul project with an investment of $ 650 million Ex rising 44-storey residential block contains 491 luxury apartments. Horizontal blocks around the land so as to define a central courtyard was varying in height from 8-13 times. horizontal blocks in the project is done in 11 to 15 floors. swimming pool project 27'inc solid, fitness area, sauna, steam bath and a massage room.

EXEN ISTANBUL, one of the biggest areas in the centre of city… at the foothill of Camlıca, equal distance to everywhere. On the doorstep of
main roads, 5 minutes to the Bosporus Bridge, 10 minutes to the Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge; it’s at the crossing point of two bridges… It is in
the middle of business, life, finance center areas; definitely it is a “connection point”. The EXEN ISTANBUL is one of the monumental projects of
Istanbul with its’ concept, architecture, building quality and material used; beside it’s an ideal living place it is also a perfect investment.

The vertical and horizontal life spaces…

Everything depends on what kind of life you dream… Do you prefer to live with your family in a horizontal building with lake,
pool, grove and city view among the green areas or in a flat at the 44 floors residence that will be one of the symbols of the
city with panoramic view of Istanbul? Maybe you want to spend most of your time at your home, not at the office. Through the
home office experience that EXEN ISTANBUL provides you can make your wish real.

Istanbul is at your sight with its’ all beauty.

You may watch the Marmara Sea and Island’s view from the EXEN ISTANBUL residence. At the every layer this incredible view
widens and as you get higher Bosporus Bridge view gets visible. When you reach at the 44th floor you watch the Istanbul from the
sky and you experience the enjoyment and luxury of penthouse which has Panoramic Bosporus view.

You feel complete exclusivity of living in
a residence at the vertical living areas of EXEN ISTANBUL.

Your guests are met in the lobby at the entrance area. If you wish you may welcome them through offering a cup of coffee at the lounge with Istanbul view. Housekeeping, valet parking, concierge and reception services are provided. There is kindergarten for your children, cafe and restaurants; and under the residence there is also a shopping center with coiffeur, dry cleaning, shoe shining and market. Owing to its’ central information system, you can reach the information such as traffic,
weather condition and the security footage through a single panel. You enjoy the comfort.

You enjoy to sport at the 233 meters high from sea level.

In the equipped and comfortable mini sport complex at the 27th floor there is swimming pool, fitness area,
sauna, vapor bath and massage room beside its’ fascinating view.

Everything is in harmony with your fast life tempo..


At the EXEN ISTANBUL the day begins when you wake up. The sunlight caresses your face. Every
day is so fine in the world where all the details are tailored for you…

Oxygenic and lively places…
A life among the green areas is waiting for you in the EXEN ISTANBUL.

You feel the relaxing effect of the green and blue everywhere you look. The moment you just step in, you meet with the serenity of water;
and reach the social areas by walking through a lush grove that extend along as far as eye can reach. It presents not only a house; it
also provides a life in touch with nature in the middle of the city with its’ lake, pools and sprinklers. The large recreation area among the
buildings is designed in order to offer all the beauty of natural life. Owing to underground parking areas and the parking lots out of the
social facilities, you will not see any vehicles around the living spaces.

You breathe freely...

A garden in front of every flat…

Breakfasts, five o’clock tea talks, joyful dinners in the every garden among green and blue…
Every morning you have your breakfast at your own flat garden with nature and lake view so you begin the day fresh.
Whenever you desire you throw yourself to your flat garden and relaxing as you desire.

Fruit orchards full of surrounding plum, cherry, peach trees…

A refreshing walking path and running area and 1 kilometer bicycle track spreading over among the fruit gardens…
You will not try to remember anymore the last time when you ate a fruit after you pick it from tree. Owing to the swimming pools that are
heated by solar panels, you will enjoy outdoor swimming not only in the summer but also in the spring and autumn months.

Fitness center,
outdoor and indoor swimming pools,
sunbathing terraces…

You are at the sunbathing terraces of EXEN ISTANBUL with lake and grove view. You read your book and listen your favorite
song while you are sunbathing. When you want to get cooler the outdoor and indoor swimming pools will be waiting for you.
You leave the days’ tiredness out of the EXEN ISTANBUL, you refresh with fitness and sauna.

You are ready for a new day...


The time flows with you. As of the moment you just step in EXEN ISTANBUL you completely become yourself and have
cheerful moments. In your new life everything is as you wish…

In the flush grove of EXEN ISTANBUL
you can have a surprise in every step.

Firstly you face with a multipurpose amphitheater, especially used for concerts. The playgrounds that appeal to children from different
ages are designed as they will inspire children’s world and imagination and as they will support children’s physical and mental
development. The wooden houses, little hills, playgrounds, playing sprinkles and climbable playing houses among the greens lead the
children to play around fun times in touch with the nature. The adventure track that has an island is waiting for adventurous children.

You will say I wish I would be a child.

You have joyful moments together with your loved ones and you build
new friendships with other residents of the site at the special cafes.

Outdoor fitness equipments, tennis court, volleyball, basketball, street ball and mini golf areas and outdoor swimming pool are for your
healthiness and fitness. You have fun and let off steam when you’re playing fun golf; you are relaxing your soul in the Zen garden that
consist of sand, shingle, wood and grass beside the many theme and hobby gardens and you allocate time for your hobbies.
You enjoy your new life in the open air with oxygenic environment.

The activities in the EXEN ISTANBUL are not limited with the outdoor areas.

A playing room for billiards, ping pong or PS3 players are waiting for you. While the multipurpose saloon can be converted into a mini cinema that
you can watch current movies and watch matches in giant screen with your family and friends; and sometimes it serves as a meeting room with a
few participant. With its’ low level platform it hosts for the shows that are performed by the children and young people. The indoor child and adult
swimming pools led you to enjoy swimming in four seasons. You get fit through sporting at the indoor fitness saloon in the indoor facility.

Every moment is full of pleasure...

Everything is for you in the EXEN ISTANBUL.

The vertical and horizontal living spaces, a jazzy mergence of the glass and metal, terrace gardens… The environment friendly houses with 24 hours
security service via close circuit camera system and heat insulation…
You pay your bills by considering the energy amount that you spend as per the energy performance regulation without considering the square meter
owing to the central heating and cooling system with share meter; you control the temperature in the rooms as you wish so you can save. There is a
central heating and cooling system with share meter in the horizontal buildings and there are cooling system infrastructures in every room.
The continuous internet service, generator, indoor and outdoor parking areas, car washing space at the outdoor areas and intercom display system,
central satellite and digital platform infrastructure in every flat are designed for your requirements.
You may select the alternative decoration options that are provided to you and you may create you house with your delight.

Everything is for your comfort and safety.

2+1307.700 $
2+1 terrace392.630 $
2+1 garden547.350 $
1+1298.000 $456.850 $
2+1556.500 $659.500 $
4+1 pent house2.077.000 $2.183.000 $
4.5+1 pent house2.398.000 $2.598.000 $



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